2 Simple Service Offerings

Grow better with the right plan.

Pay for what you need (when you need it).

Go from zero candidates in your pipeline to a fully booked interview schedule of highly qualified candidates with the plan that works for your blockchain company.

Option 1: Contingency
Option 2: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Option 1: Contingency

We send screened, qualified, and interested candidates ASAP. You review the candidates; we help with scheduling and negotiating offers. You only pay when you successfully hire one of our candidates.
Good fit for companies looking to fill a few roles FAST
No Setup
No Upfront Cost
Screened and Interested Candidates within 24-72 Hours

Option 2: RPO

In addition to sending only the top candidates, we improve your internal recruitment processes by setting up best practices across your entire candidate acquisition funnel to improve conversion rates and acceptance rates.
Good fit for companies scaling their headcount 5+
Get best practices for your recruiting process
Increased interested rates
Increased offer acceptance rates
Reduce hiring cycle down to 1-2 weeks
Screened and Interested Candidates within 24-72 Hours