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This includes: Front End Engineers, Back End Engineers, Crypto Community Managers, Product Management, Blockchain Developers, Leadership, Business Development, and more.

"The Blockchain Talent Agency provided exceptional recruiting that helped us find the best candidates to jumpstart our blockchain projects. Working together to build our team was easy and smooth, and we're very happy with the result."
CTO, Series A
Hired 2 Blockchain Developers and 1 Product Manager
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We hire top talent fast for all seniority levels at blockchain companies of all sizes - ranging from Venture Backed Startups, Small Businesses, and Large Companies.

Jim M. - Senior UX Designer
Hired in 4Weeks
Michael B. - Front End Engineer
Hired in 2 Weeks
Jordan F. - Staff Software Engineer, Backend
Hired in 3 Weeks
Brian H. - Senior Application Security Engineer
Hired in 3 Weeks
Xiangyu F. - Marketing Director, Crypto
Hired in 5 Weeks
Devin M. - Product Manager
Hired in 2 Weeks
10+ Blockchain Clients and Counting

If your blockchain company needs candidates, we've got you covered.

A wide variety of clients across the blockchain space.
Clients include:
Series A -  Financial Infrastructure Startup
Series B - Blockchain Data Insights Company
Seed - Financial Intelligence Startup
Series C- Crypto Exchange Startup
Series A - NFT-Based Game Developer Startup
Series A - Digital Assets Trading Platform
Seed - NFT Digital Asset Marketplace Startup
Series D - DeFi Investing Firm
Seed - Blockchain Mobile Game startup
and many more..
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The Blockchain Talent Agency is recommended as one of the best staffing agencies to build teams for your blockchain companies by CEOs, VCs, and Talent Acquisition Leaders across the US
"Impressed with how quickly Blockchain Talent sent over top front end engineers. It was only three weeks from when we first started working together, and we made a 2 hires."
VP of Engineering, Series C
Hired 2 frontend engineers and 1 product manager
"Been working with Blockchain Talent for a few months now. Their team has helped me locate a Crypto Community Manager. I highly recommend them to any company looking for taleblockchain."
Director of Technology & Analytics, Seed
Hired a Crypto Community Manager
"The Blockchain Talent Agency helped our team reach new heights, and we're excited to keep working with them. They're a shining example of what a blockchain recruiting company should be — fast and dependable."
Co-Founder, Seed
Hired a Technical Architect and 2 backend engineers
"Blockchain Talent finds the perfect candidates in no time. If you need a strong technical team to help empower your blockchain project, I would definitely recommend using them."
VP of Infrastructure and Crypto, Series A
Hired a senior UX developer

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